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Linens & Lace

Linens & Lace

Summer brings so many great things, but it also brings white EVERYTHING!  White lace, white linen pants, and more!  As your closet begins to fill with white we have 5 tips to help you keep those whites in the condition you bought them in!

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1. Wash Inside Out

This trick prevents delicate linens and lace from being picked by the machine or by other materials such as buttons.  Lace is especially delicate when it comes to being picked.  This can be avoided!

2. Protect Delicates

Most detergents simply aren’t gentle enough to use on fine linens. It’s imperative to use a mild “baby” detergent, or one that is non-alkaline and doesn’t contain bleach or brighteners. 

3. Button It Up

Take the time to button up and zip up your garments.  By doing this you are securing the garment. This can prevent extra wear and tear during the washing period.  Also by doing this after being cleaned your garments will stay in the condition you bought them in.

4. No Cramming

Keeping your closets and drawers from getting crammed keeps your linens and delicate fabrics from breaking down and getting ruined.  The constant wrinkling and ironing of the fabrics breaks down the fibers in the materials and ruins the garments. 

5. Stop Pouring

Pouring detergent directly onto the fabrics leaves room for error.  You can end up with blue stains on all white garments.  The best way to wash your whites and delicate linens are to let the tub fill with water and let the detergent dissolve into the water then add your garments.

Sandy’s Dry Cleaners are professionals when it comes to keeping your summer shades bright and white!  Call us (843-797-8411) or drop by those tricky linens that are a little too precious to handle on your own!

Time to Break Out Those Holiday Linens

Time to Break Out Those Holiday Linens

The holidays are nipping at our heels, so it’s time to dust off your favorite linens and break out your festive dinnerware. The first step in getting prepared for the holiday party season is to not fall behind. No doubt you’ll want your holiday linens looking superb for when your guests arrive, but this shouldn’t be a daunting task.

Sandy’s Cleaners is here to help you prepare with our exceptional Linen Services. At Sandy’s Cleaners, your tablecloths, table runners, napkins and placemats will be professionally cleaned and pressed to make your table the perfect holiday setting.

Unfortunately though, hosting a holiday gathering can come with some casualties. Auntie Em might have gotten a little too overzealous with her red wine this year and left a terrifying splotch on your crisp, clean, white linens. Don’t panic! Bring your linens in to our professionals at Sandy’s Cleaners and experience our impeccable stain removal services.

Already dealing with a tight schedule? Busy doing too much Christmas shopping? No worries! At Sandy’s Cleaners, we offer a complimentary Pick-Up and Delivery service. Simply complete the customer information form on our website or call us at 843-797-8411.


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