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Make Dryer Sheets Your Best Friend



Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.48.48 AMSure, dryer sheets are made to freshen your clothes in the dryer…but did you know that they can be used all around your house? Check out these 5 alternative uses that will be sure to make dryer sheets your newest best friend.

  1. Deodorizes: Throw a dryer sheet into your gym bag, backpack, and your shoes to keep everything smelling nice and fresh.
  2. Reduces Static: Rub a dryer sheet on your clothes or even your hair to get rid of that annoying static cling.
  3. Removes Dust: Trade your traditional duster in for one of your trusty dryer sheets.. A dryer sheet is the perfect duster for anything around your house because they absorb static like a pro.
  4. Sharpens scissors: Are your scissors not cutting as well as when you first bought them? Try wiping them with your best friend the dryer sheet to make them just like new.
  5. Cleans showers: Scrub y0ur shower with a dryer sheet to remove nasty soap scum.

Do you have other tips? Let us know, we’d love to hear them!

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Sandy's Cleaners


With spring in full swing, we think it’s definitely time for some deep cleaning; and what better place to start than in your closet?! There’s no more need for heavy sweaters and coats, which means it’s time to bring out your linens, sundresses and t-shirts! Before you get started, we want to provide you with some great tips on how to get your closet in tip-top shape for summer.

With Charleston warm weather comes humidity, which can leave your clothes smelling musty, or worse, encourage mold growth. A quick, cheap, and easy fix for this is a chalk dehumidifier. By hanging a bundle of chalk in your closet, you can absorb extra moisture and keep your garments fresh and dry. Simply tie a bundle of chalk in a rubber band, cover it with a nice ribbon, and then hang it from a hook or hanger in your closet for freshness all summer long.

 Put thought and effort into your organization. Make sure that your clothing is stored nicely and is aesthetically appealing when you open your closet. If you store your clothing well, it will always look its best, thus encouraging you to wear more pieces, more often.

 With lighter fabrics, such as linens, becoming a staple in most people’s summer wardrobes, we often find that they easily slip off of hangers. A quick fix for this is to attach the same felt guides that you use to prevent scratches on wooden floors to your hangers, and they will slip no longer.

 In addition to linen being popular in the summer, many people tend to wear more delicate fabrics, such as silk. A great idea for storing these items is to line your drawers, shelves, or baskets with a velvet lined poster board. The velvet lining will give your clothes a nice plush support.

 Because spring brings about amazing smelling plants, why not bring that same smell to your closet? You can do this easily by making homemade sachets, filled with your favorite scents. This will not only bring a great smell to your closet and bedroom, but will also leave your clothes smelling just like spring.

 While you’re going through your closet, see if there are any pieces that you just don’t need - if you didn’t wear it last season, chances are it’s safe to get rid of it. This will help you create more space for neatly organizing your clothes. Make sure to be honest with yourself on this one. Really think about the clothes you wear and then decide what to get rid of.

 Now that you’re geared up with some tips for spring cleaning, put on some good music, open the shades, grab a friend and get to work! You’ll feel so much better after, you may even want to make this a seasonal tradition!

 Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner, and would be happy to service your clothing, rugs, draperies, and more! Give us a call today: (843) 797-8411.



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