Rugs and Drapery

Dry Cleaning for Rugs and Drapery

We provide high quality, area rug cleaning here at Sandy's Cleaners. With a focus on care, and attention to detail to bring your rugs back to their original state of beauty. We can care for any type of rug, no matter its origin of the manufacture or materials used to make it. We can handle them all.
As a professional Dry Cleaner, with us not all spots are treated equal. With our vast, experience and learned knowledge of successful spot and stain removal on all types of fabrics in the Dry Cleaning profession, we are able to apply that knowledge to our rug service. Each rug is carefully inspected to determine the best pre-treatment and the process to be applied to ensure the very best results for your rug.

The cleaning of your drapery, curtains and other window treatments requires a seasoned professional who understands the many degrees of this specialty. The investment you have in your draperies and window treatments is most likely significant. Special attention is given to all materials to determine any special pre-treatment for spots and stains and the best of our three methods for cleaning.
Pickup and Delivery! Is your rug too large for you to roll up and bring to us? Give us a call! We will be glad to come to you.