Wedding Dress Care Tips

Sandy’s Cleaners would like to extend our congratulations to all the summer brides this season! We understand that though this is such an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful. We would love to help relieve some of that stress for you with a few tips on how to care for your beautiful wedding gown before, during and after your big day.

Wedding Dress Care Tips from Sandy's Cleaners

Before the Wedding

Make sure you hang the gown in a place where it will not be squished or stepped on. Also, though it is tempting, do not touch the dress if not absolutely necessary! As your wedding day approaches, get the gown pressed one last time. At Sandy’s, we are happy to do this job for you!

The Big Day

When the day of your wedding finally arrives, you do not want anything to go wrong. We want you to have as little stress as possible! Make sure you wear waterproof mascara to avoid a black tear stain on your gorgeous white gown. Slide the gown over your head smoothly and put on jewelry last to avoid snagging. Once you have your dress on, try to sit as little as possible before the ceremony because sitting creates creases.

If you do experience a day-of dress emergency, we will always do our best to help if possible. In fact, we’ve been known to care for a bride’s dress the day of her wedding, and were happy to be able to fix the problem for her.

Preserving the Gown

Our recommendation is to absolutely have a professional preserve your dress for you. There are special steps we can take to keep your gown as pristine as possible – giving you that perfect heirloom piece to pass down through the generations.

However, once preserved professionally, we don’t recommend taking the dress out, so if wearing it again around the house (we understand – no judgment here) is what you’d prefer, getting the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible is key. This will help eliminate any champagne or white wine stains that may not be visible now, but will yellow your dress with time.

If you opt to have your dress cleaned versus professionally preserved, you can use the following steps to preserve it yourself. First, get a big, clean box and fold the gown carefully. Make sure you do not crease it! Use acid-free tissue paper between the folds of the dress, and then wrap the tissue paper around the gown completely. Put the box in a dark, dry storage space, and when you want to open the box again, just make sure to be very gentle when taking it out of the packaging.

We want to once again say congrats to all the beautiful new brides this season! If there is any way we can make this special day easier for you, please call or just come in.

Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner. Give us a call today at 843-797-8411 or, come visit us at any of our convenient locations to learn more about the services offered at Sandy’s Cleaners!

The Dry Cleaning Process

Have you ever dropped off your clothes at the dry cleaner and wondered, “how do they do this?” At Sandy’s Cleaners, we love taking care of your clothes for you, and thought it would be fun to fill you in on what happens once you leave your dry cleaning with us…

Dry Cleaning at Sandy's Cleaners in Charleston, SC

Tagging and inspection

The first step in the dry cleaning process is one of the most important. We examine each garment for missing buttons, tears, etc. We tag each one of these and also label each individual piece of clothing to ensure that we keep it all together.


After tagging, we examine the garment for stains, spots, and spills and treat them by hand. This individual examination by the cleaner helps us clean your clothes more efficiently.

Dry cleaning

The clothes are placed in large machines with skin safe detergents and a small amount of water, removing dirt, oil, and stains. They are then dried carefully in a separate dryer.


Once dry, the clothes are individually checked to make sure there are no lingering stains or spots.


Once they are dried, each individual garment is pressed and shaped to look their best for you. They are then placed on hangers and hung in an organized manner so pick-up is quick and convenient!

Now that you know how the process works, we hope to see you at Sandy’s Cleaners to show you just how efficient that process can be! With seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner. Give us a call today at 843-797-8411 or, come visit us at any of our convenient locations to learn more about the services offered at Sandy’s Cleaners! Hope to see you soon!

How To Take Care of Linens

How To Take Care of Linens | Sandy's Dry Cleaners

Linen is a beautiful summer staple that is great for hot Charleston summers. It is one of the most breathable fabrics, making it perfect for our humid weather. Because linens are so light, they do require special care when cleaning.

Before cleaning your linen garments, make sure to check the care label on the inside tag. This will tell you if the garment is machine washable or requires dry cleaning.

Machine washing

Washing specialty fabrics on your own can be risky. Make sure you separate your colors and whites in case the clothes bleed in the wash. After washing linens in warm water, don’t put them in the dryer! This can cause linen to shrink. Instead, we highly recommend letting let them hang dry. Once they’re dry, make sure you iron them with moisture (a damp cloth or spray mist.) Steaming linen is also an option

Dry cleaning

Since linens are so difficult to manage and clean, Sandy’s Cleaners is glad to help!  Our professionals know how to care for fabrics like these. Dry cleaning is always the safer option, so stop by Sandy’s Cleaners and we can care for your beautiful linen garments!


Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner. Give us a call today at 843-797-8411 or, come visit us at any of our convenient locations to learn more about the services offered at Sandy’s Cleaners!

The Most Breathable Fabrics for Spring

In Charleston, it’s safe to say that we live for spring! We look forward to the day that we can put away our winter coats, and dust off our favorite sundresses and fishing shirts. The cold winter is finally gone, and we can once again enjoy strolls on the Battery and brunch on the patio. But with the hot southern sun and humidity in full swing, you might have some trouble picking out what articles of clothing will help you feel cool and fresh.

Some fabrics are more breathable than others, so here are some ideas to keep in mind as the summer sun approaches.

The Most Breathable Fabrics for Spring | Sandy's Dry Cleaners


Cotton is a very common fabric found in most t-shirts and sundresses. It breathes easily and absorbs and releases perspiration quickly. If you are re-stocking your summer wardrobe, cotton is a reliable and breathable fabric that can readily be found.



Denim is basically just tightly woven cotton. It is heavier, but still breathable and relatively easy to take care of. Like cotton, it is also very absorbent.



Linen is probably the most breathable fabric on this list. It is cool, comfortable and fashionable – making it the perfect summer fabric! A pair of linen pants or a white linen button down, is a simple summer statement that will also keep you from melting in the Lowcountry sun.



Seersucker is a southern classic composed of thin cotton. The fabric is slightly wrinkled, which helps keep it away from your skin, allowing for air circulation. This also helps disguise any wrinkles your fabric may sustain from normal wear.


Avoid heavy fabrics like flannel, wool, leather and velvet because they are definitely not breathable. You might even want to go ahead and put those clothes in storage for the next few months! Also, avoid silk because perspiration and spills are easily seen.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding what to wear around Charleston this summer!

Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner. Give us a call today at 843-797-8411 or, come visit us at any of our convenient locations to learn more about the services offered at Sandy’s Cleaners!

How To Take Care of Your Leather Jacket

How To Take Care of Your Leather Jacket  | Sandy's Dry Cleaners

Clothes are an investment. The better you care for them, the more use you’ll get out of them. A quality leather jacket is definitely an investment piece. Leather jackets can range from a hundred dollars to prices in the thousands. Regardless of the price, a leather jacket is worth every penny, and Sandy’s Cleaners wants to help you take care of your jacket with a couple of tips:

What To Know About Your Jacket

Ask a salesperson what type of leather the jacket is.  It will be one of three things:

1. Pigmented

2. Semi-Aniline

3. Aniline

This knowledge is crucial in figuring out how to care for your new purchase


Care Before Use

Before you go out to show off your wonderful new leather jacket, take a few minutes and follow these pre-wear tips:

  • Get a leather and suede protector and spray it on your jacket. If you ask for leather spray at the checkout counter while you are buying your leather jacket, there is a good chance they will have some for you.This spray prevents your new purchase from staining.

  • Also, you need to get a sturdy hanger for your jacket. Leather is easily stretched, and a flimsy hanger can make the jacket lose its shape.


Unexpected Accidents

At Sandy’s, we understand that accidents happen. Spills, scratches, and water damage can hurt your leather jacket, even if you followed all the tips we have provided above.

Leather can be delicate and scratch easily. If there are scratches on your leather jacket, go pick up leather lotion and shoe polish at your local shoe repair store, and follow these three steps:


1. Grab a clean cloth and put a couple of drops of leather lotion on the jacket. Scrub in a circular motion.

2. When you can no longer see the scratch, gently put a dab of shoe polish on the area and let it dry.

3. Once it’s dry, buff the area and spray the with leather protector. Your leather is now good as new

In Charleston, it can be a gorgeous, sunny day and then all of a sudden…torrential downpour. If you are stuck outside in a summer rainstorm, don’t worry. The first thing to do if there is water on your jacket is to make sure to keep it away from heat. Let the jacket dry at room temperature on a quality hanger, and use a dry cloth to remove the rain spots.

These simple tips will hopefully help keep your leather jacket healthy and clean. Now you’re ready to stroll down King Street and show it off! If there are any other issues, our team at Sandy’s Cleaners is happy to help you out. We have specialized cleaning solutions and processes specifically for leather and suede care.

Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner, and would be happy to service your clothing, rugs, draperies, and more! Give us a call today: (843) 797-8411.

The Benefits of Tailoring

If only that dress was an inch shorter, or the arms of that suit jacket were just a little longer. Sound familiar?

Whether it’s a short torso or  legs that go on for days, the truth is that no matter what your body type, no off-the-rack piece of clothing will fit you perfectly. Therein lies the beauty of tailoring!

Nothing compares to the confidence a perfectly fitting suit radiates. Or a LBD that flatters your figure in all the right places. Here are a few ways the benefits of tailoring can (and will) change your life.

The Benefits of Tailoring - Sandy's Cleaners

Be Confident With Your Presentation  

How you are perceived by others is a big factor in work and life. Confidence starts from the inside, but the perfect fitting outfit can propel it even more. An article from the New York Times reported that “clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves.” Whether it’s a doctor in a white coat, a judge in a robe, or a CEO in a suit, we all take on the role that our clothes symbolize. Think about it!


Get Your Money’s Worth

Imagine how amazing life would be if EVERYTHING in your closet fit perfectly? Tailoring has the ability to transform that dress you’ve never worn (and constantly ask yourself why you bought it in the first place) into one of your go-tos! Spending a little more on clothes that fit right will end up saving you money in the long run — because you can actually wear what you already have!


Reinvent Your Wardrobe and Your Reflection

Clothes with just the right fit have the power to make you look thinner, taller, more muscular, stylish, you name it! Dated looks could be reinvented into trendy pieces. What if that hideous bridesmaid dress had the potential to be transformed into the perfect cocktail dress? Imagine the possibilities!


Think you might be in need of a few alterations and a little tailoring? We know just the guy! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mike “The Tailor” join our Sandy’s Cleaners staff. Mike brings 30 years of tailoring experience to Sandy’s and, more importantly, an unparalleled reputation throughout the Charleston area for his exquisite work and pleasant, professional demeanor.

Give us a call today at 843-797-8411 or come visit us at any of our seven convenient locations to learn more about Mike and tailoring services at Sandy’s Cleaners.

The Benefits of Tailoring - Sandy's Cleaners

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Sandy's Cleaners


With spring in full swing, we think it’s definitely time for some deep cleaning; and what better place to start than in your closet?! There’s no more need for heavy sweaters and coats, which means it’s time to bring out your linens, sundresses and t-shirts! Before you get started, we want to provide you with some great tips on how to get your closet in tip-top shape for summer.

With Charleston warm weather comes humidity, which can leave your clothes smelling musty, or worse, encourage mold growth. A quick, cheap, and easy fix for this is a chalk dehumidifier. By hanging a bundle of chalk in your closet, you can absorb extra moisture and keep your garments fresh and dry. Simply tie a bundle of chalk in a rubber band, cover it with a nice ribbon, and then hang it from a hook or hanger in your closet for freshness all summer long.

 Put thought and effort into your organization. Make sure that your clothing is stored nicely and is aesthetically appealing when you open your closet. If you store your clothing well, it will always look its best, thus encouraging you to wear more pieces, more often.

 With lighter fabrics, such as linens, becoming a staple in most people’s summer wardrobes, we often find that they easily slip off of hangers. A quick fix for this is to attach the same felt guides that you use to prevent scratches on wooden floors to your hangers, and they will slip no longer.

 In addition to linen being popular in the summer, many people tend to wear more delicate fabrics, such as silk. A great idea for storing these items is to line your drawers, shelves, or baskets with a velvet lined poster board. The velvet lining will give your clothes a nice plush support.

 Because spring brings about amazing smelling plants, why not bring that same smell to your closet? You can do this easily by making homemade sachets, filled with your favorite scents. This will not only bring a great smell to your closet and bedroom, but will also leave your clothes smelling just like spring.

 While you’re going through your closet, see if there are any pieces that you just don’t need - if you didn’t wear it last season, chances are it’s safe to get rid of it. This will help you create more space for neatly organizing your clothes. Make sure to be honest with yourself on this one. Really think about the clothes you wear and then decide what to get rid of.

 Now that you’re geared up with some tips for spring cleaning, put on some good music, open the shades, grab a friend and get to work! You’ll feel so much better after, you may even want to make this a seasonal tradition!

 Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner, and would be happy to service your clothing, rugs, draperies, and more! Give us a call today: (843) 797-8411.


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At Sandy’s Cleaners we strive to provide quality service and full satisfaction to each and every one of our wonderful customers. If you haven’t been into Sandy’s Cleaners, make sure to come by and check us out at any of our 7 locations!

5 Myths About Dry Cleaning

Many people worry about taking their clothes to the dry cleaners because of the misconceptions surrounding the dry cleaning process. We’re here to set the record straight!

 Sandy's Cleaners - 5 Myths About Dry Cleanin

Myth 1: Dry cleaners have a gender bias because they often charge more for women’s clothing than men’s.

The Reality: We are definitely not sexist; we value all of our customers and offer fair prices based on the work that goes into the cleaning process. The truth is that most women’s shirts cannot fit on the pressing machines, and therefore have to be hand ironed. Because of the extra work and time to make sure that your item is in pristine condition, we usually have to charge a different amount.


Myth 2: Bringing a suit to the dry cleaners makes the suit shiny.

The Reality: This is completely false and is actually the opposite. Frequent wearings between washings is actually what makes a suit shiny; this is because of friction. If the dry cleaner is good at pressing, which we are, this should not happen at all.

Myth 3. Dry cleaning will shrink my clothing.

The Reality: While this can happen if something is malfunctioning with the machines, the dry cleaning process is not designed to do shrink your clothes. Dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent as opposed to detergent and water, like you would if you were to wash your clothing at home. Because of this, shrinkage is extremely unlikely.


Myth 4. Dry cleaners always lose my clothes.

The Reality: If you go to a well organized and trusted cleaners, this will not happen. We have an excellent system for keeping track of our customer’s clothing to ensure their greatest satisfaction. A tip to keep track of your dry cleaning ticket is to take a picture of it on your phone, so you won’t have to worry about remembering if you took it to the dry cleaners or not if it is misplaced.

Myth 5. If my clothing is washed with other people’s clothing, I won’t get it all back.

The Reality: While many people’s items are washed together, this doesn’t hinder the process. Like we said in myth #4, if you are at a well-organized cleaner, they will not mix up the clothing and you will never have an issue!


At Sandy’s, we try our hardest to do our best, and hope that our customers never believe these myth’s, due to our quality dry cleaning. Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is truly your neighborhood dry cleaner, and would be happy to service your clothing, rugs, draperies, and more! Give us a call today: (843) 797-8411


10 Reasons Why We Love Dry Cleaning (And you should too)

Here is a list of ten reasons why you should love dry cleaning:

 Sandy's Cleaners - 10 Reasons Why we Love Dry Cleaning  (And why you should too)

1. Professional Dry Cleaners are the ultimate resource for clothing alterations.

On top of the many services your dry cleaner offers, you can always count on them to make the proper repairs, without having to worry about mistakes.

2. How many times have you lost buttons in the dryer?

Well, dry cleaners repair loose buttons or sew on new ones, one less thing to worry about!

3.  Let’s be honest, laundry takes FOREVER!

Why spend countless hours doing loads of laundry, when you can drop your clothes off to be dry cleaned at your convenience?

4. Dry cleaners know exactly what they are doing!

No questions asked, your clothes always come back looking like new. No shrinkage, loss of color, or change of texture. When you bring your clothes to the dry cleaners, you don’t have to worry about the details.

5. You can ditch your ironing board!

Dry cleaners have all the latest equipment that give your garments that fresh, crisp, wrinkle-free feel.

6. Dry cleaners are always prepared for the worst.

When household textiles are left damaged due to a flood or fire, you can rely on our special services to restore them!

7. Regular dry cleaning extends the life of your garments

– by removing stains and soils.

8. We specialize in preserving wedding gowns and other heirlooms.

That way you can keep your memories safe for years to come.

9. Dry cleaners have an eye for special, delicate fabrics.

For example, garments made of materials like silk or satin require special cleaning care, and we know the right way to do it!

10. Dry cleaners are here to provide you with excellent service and quality work at a great value

– so you can have some free time!


Now with seven locations throughout Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville and Daniel Island, Sandy’s Cleaners is your neighborhood dry cleaner, and would be happy to service your clothing, rugs, draperies and more! Give us a call today: (843) 797-8411.

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